Xinyuan Real Estate Welcomes New CFO, Again

Ancient Egypt was struck with 10 plagues and Xinyuan Real Estate will now face it’s 10th CFO during its time as a public company.  For comparison the New York Knicks had only seven head coaches over the same time period.



Longgen Zhang


Frank Ng


Tom Gurnee


Kevin Wei


Helen Zhang (Interim)


Manbo He


George Liu


Helen Zhang


Xuefeng Li (Interim)


Yu Chen


The average tenure of Xinyuan CFOs is approximately equal to the lifespan of a shrew.  During what is likely to be his brief time as CFO, it would be helpful if Yu Chen is able to bring improvements in these areas:

  • Lower leverage
  • Lower borrowing cost
  • Lower effective tax rate
  • Improved investor relations


4 thoughts on “Xinyuan Real Estate Welcomes New CFO, Again

  1. Thanks John!

    Any of the 4 would be nice. Investor relations would seem to be the easiest and quickest on the list to accomplish, and somehow that football is continually fumbled.

    Attempting to reduce leverage may hasten his departure….




  2. Do we have any chinese based investors around? Due to the lack of current analyses I am trying my self to get a better understanding of the Real Estate market in China. Need some help to find price charts for XINs real estate projects in China. At the moment it seems that XIN will increse the dividend from 2,5 cent to the original 10 cent during the next 2 quarters. You can reach me via


  3. Hi John, i managed to get out yesterday at 1.64$. I have added Sino Ocean during the last 2 weeks. All 3 red lines are green at Sino, Great presales and revenue growth. And debt is below 5% yield. Any comments on SINO?


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